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Specialized food for

small and medium indoor breeds

Beehtoven SyM It is a food designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs of small and medium breeds that are inside  houses.  It contains a series of important benefits for the health of our pets that will result in a healthier and longer-lived pet.


We have designed a bite size that is very easy to handle for small and medium breed dogs, taking full advantage of the benefits that the dog obtains when chewing the food. The shape of its bite forces the pet to have to chew, so it will help it remove the bacterial plaque found on its teeth and thus achieve greater cleanliness and oral health. It also contains herbal extract as a liver protector so that it works preventively in future pathologies.

Puppy food created for

stimulate the immune system

Beethoven Cachorro is a product designed for puppies from when they start to eat until their adult stage, offering a very high quality protein and the level of protein of animal origin (res) with PRE and Probiotics to stimulate a digestive and immune system in dogs. puppies.


The incorporation of colostrum in the formula offers the animal greater immunity and cellular protection in growth and development. Its incorporation of group B vitamins allows the body to make better use of the nutrients found in food.

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