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Specialized food for adult dogs, developed for high performance

It is a  Balanced Food for  adult dogs from 1 year of age.


CR MAXIMUS 4Dogs is a food designed for high-performance canine athletes, due to its shape and size, what is important in these breeds is to give it a physical appearance that its standard demands. That is why you will find that  the formulation of CR MAXIMUS 4Dogs  was designed  to fully fill  the nutritional requirement  and the energy needs of your pet.​

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Specialized food for the immunological development of high performance puppies

Maximus Puppy food is designed with a unique formula to stimulate the pet's immunology, its components allow the body to take advantage of nutrient functions properly.


The nutritional values of this formula have the power to keep the pet protected for a longer time, prolonging the immune curve of the pet after colostrum consumption. The yeasts that the food contains will help it to develop a greater physical build, in the same way the digestive security that the pet will have will give it the possibility of growing stronger and healthier.

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