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Dog food created

 with yeasts and essential oils

The management of a specialized food for your pet is very important, for this a formula was made that would cover the needs of your pet.


The incorporation of  special additives to its formula help to give greater digestive safety, to retard cell aging, prevents the formation of fungus on the skin, and also helps us  avoid problems of vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain. Its formulation is also designed to help us combat stool volume and odor problems, since it has special fibers that help us work directly in the intestine, thereby considerably reducing its size.

Puppy food created

with yeast and essential oils

Food for puppies from the beginning up to one year of age, it is a complete and 100% balanced food to meet all the requirements of all breeds up to the adult stage.  


Procan Puppy contains yeasts that offer your puppy a very efficient digestive system that will make it grow healthy. Extracts of essential oils are also added, offering another series of benefits to the health of puppies. In this way, the best development, well-being and health for your puppy is guaranteed.

Packaging for illustrative purposes

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